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2017-12-02 12-2-17-Elder_Carsisle.mp3 Play
2017-09-02 9-2-17_Pastor_Mackey.mp3 Play
2016-08-06 Faith and Finance Part 3 Dr. Fred Ball Play
2016-07-30 Reaching our Community Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2016-07-09 Give Attention to, but focus on Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2016-07-02 Faith and Finance Part 2 Fred Ball Play
2016-06-25 Cancer Prevention Dr. Colin Ross Play
2016-06-25 Just Make Contact Dr. Colin Ross Play
2016-06-18 Dad's Who Shoot Straight Pastor Oscar Anthony Play
2016-06-11 7 Components-Brain Lifestyle Dr. Arlene Taylor Play
2016-06-04 The Sabbath and the Law Elder Curley Carlisle Play
2016-05-28 In Jesus Name Curley Carlisle Play
2016-05-21 Faith and Finance Part 1 Fred Ball Play
2016-05-21 Faith and Finance Part 2 Fred Ball Play
2016-05-14 Does The Devil Know Your Name? Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2016-05-07 Women's Day Imelda Mitchell Play
2016-04-23 The Other Side Tabari Brannon Play
2016-04-16 The One You Love Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2016-04-09 The Lost Coin Pastor Damian Chandler Play
2016-04-02 Reasoning With God Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2016-03-26 Is It I? Elder Curley Carlisle Play
2016-03-19 Dr. Jon Olango Dr. Jon Olango Play
2016-03-12 Karen Anthony Karen Anthony Play
2016-03-05 Pastor Stephen Mackey Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2016-02-26 Pastor Stephen Mackey Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2016-02-20 Can We Forget What We Never Knew Dr. Elliott Osborne Play
2016-02-13 Greatness Tomeka Powells Play
2016-02-06 Zipporah Curley Carlisle Play
2016-01-30 Peace or Pieces Dr. Jon Olango Play
2016-01-16 Israelites in Egypt Curley Carlisle Play
2016-01-02 Pastor Stephen Mackey Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-12-26 Parting Ways Adrian Rolle Play
2015-12-19 The Gift of Praise Dr. Emil Peeler Play
2015-12-18 The Gift of Contentment Dr. Emil Peeler Play
2015-12-19 Sabbath Evening Evangelism Dr. Emil Peeler Play
2015-12-12 Good Gift Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-12-04 Can You Make a Difference Elder Martin Martinez Play
2015-11-28 Thanksgiving Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2016-02-27 Something Better Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-11-21 Communion Pastor Mackey Play
2015-11-14 From Scarcity to Abundance Tabari Brannon Play
2015-11-07 Is Jesus a Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-10-31 Testimony Part 2 Doug Duffield Play
2015-10-24 Prison Ministries Curley Carlisle Play
2015-10-17 Worship Wesley Davis III Play
2015-10-10 Testimony Part 1 Doug Duffield Play
2015-10-03 Vist of Pope Francis Justin Wilson Play
2015-09-11 Mexican Independance Elder Martin Martinez Play
2015-09-04 How to Wait On A Miracle Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-08-28 The Great Physician Pastor Justin Wilson Play
2015-08-14 Man Up Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-08-07 Marriage Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-07-31 The Biggest Loser Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-07-10 Communion Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-07-03 Tzadia Curley Carlisle Play
2015-06-26 I Dare You To Dream Tabari Brannon Play
2015-06-19 Man In The Mirror Frank Edwards Play
2015-06-12 Faith and Finances Pt. 2 Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-06-05 Faith and Finances Pt. 1 Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-05-29 Youth Day Wesley Davis III Play
2015-05-22 Prayer Ministries Yurizy Villasenor Play
2015-05-15 Elder Cynthia Alarcon Elder Cynthia Alarcon Play
2015-05-08 Women's Day Play
2015-05-01 Peace Beyond Forever Pastor Justin Wilson Play
2015-04-17 Pastor Stephen Mackey Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-04-10 Words of Life Elder Karen Anthony Play
2015-04-03 Easter Weekend Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-03-27 Communion Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-03-20 Elder John Alarcon Elder John Alarcon Play
2015-03-13 Urban Ministries Patrick Dillon Play
2015-03-06 Prodigal Son Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-02-27 Elliot_Osbourne Elliot Osbourne Play
2015-02-13 Pastor Stephen Mackey Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-02-06 Something Better Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-01-30 It's Time to Make a Move Chaplain Joe Williams Play
2015-01-23 When God Shuts Your Womb.mp3 Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2015-01-16 Samuel and Martin Luther King Jr. Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-12-26 Come on over to Macedonia Cynthia Alarcon Play
2014-12-19 An Advocate Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-12-12 Rightly Dividing The Word of God Nelson Ernst Play
2014-12-05 The Final Generation: One Man Tony Andrews Play
2014-11-28 Youth Day Wesley Davis III Play
2014-11-21 What Lack I Yet? Dr. Jon Olango Play
2014-11-14 Worship Elder Curley Carlisle Play
2014-11-07 Making God Gag Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-10-31 The Deeper Revelation Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-10-24 Pastor Justin Wilson Pastor Justin Wilson Play
2014-10-17 Triumph Tragedy Tabari Brannon Play
2014-10-10 Pastor Stephen Mackey Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-10-03 Glow - Giving Light to Our World Nelson Ernest Play
2014-09-12 The Blessings of Obedience Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-09-05 Intraoperative Awareness Dr. Colin Ross Play
2014-09-05 Diet and Health Dr. Colin Ross Play
2014-08-22 Hope For Jacob Tabari Brannon Play
2014-08-15 Praying To Our Powerful God Lisa & Ed Walker Play
2014-08-08 Forever Changed Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-08-01 Seeing the Invisible Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-07-11 Call to Committment Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-07-04 Hosea Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-06-27 Let Your Light Shine Charlona Merritt Play
2014-06-20 Ya'll Free Shirley Rupert Play
2014-06-13 Central SDA Church Courageous Men Courageous Men Play
2014-05-30 Never Graduate Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-05-16 The Evidence Joseph Figures Play
2014-05-15 Sanctuary Part 2 Joseph Figures Play
2014-05-09 Mother's Day Program Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-04-25 Spiritural Health Tony Andrews Play
2014-04-18 It's Time To Make A Choice Wesley Davis Play
2014-04-11 What Does It Mean To Worship God Curley Carlisle Play
2014-04-04 The Science of Salvation Pastor Trevor Barnes Play
2014-03-28 The Modern Day Sanctuary Jimmy Phillips Play
2014-03-21 Family Matters Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-03-14 Your Quivers Are Full of Victory Elder Curley Carlisle Play
2014-03-07 The Power to Effect Change Alan Reinach Play
2014-02-28 Let's Get Serious About Glorifying God Pastor Emil Peeler Play
2014-02-28 Let's Get Serious About Choices Pastor Emil Peeler Play
2014-02-21 The Real Wetbacks Pastor Gerzon Gomez Play
2014-02-14 Origin & History of Black SDA Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-02-07 ROOTS-Dispelling the Myth Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-01-31 Civil Rights in America Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2014-01-24 Glow Day Joel Moutrey Play
2014-01-16 In The Potter's Hand Taj Pacleb Play
2014-01-10 Tabori Brannon Pastor Tabori Brannon Play
2013-12-27 Pastor Mackey Pastor Mackey Play
2013-12-21 Christmas Program Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-12-13 Finish The Race Roger Frazier Play
2013-12-06 Enough Dr. Jon Olango Play
2013-11-29 Youth Day Wesley Davis, III Play
2013-11-22 The Parable of the Loving Father Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-11-15 Communion Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-11-08 Divine Deliverance Pastor Mackey Play
2013-11-01 Curley Carlisle Curley Carlisle Play
2013-10-25 Prison Ministry Play
2013-10-18 Jon Olango Jon Olango Play
2013-10-11 Pastor Tony Andrews Pastor Tony Andrews Play
2013-09-27 Childrens Day Wesley Davis III Play
2013-09-20 What Is Your This Jon Olango Play
2013-09-13 What Killed Eutychus? Tabari Brannon Play
2013-09-13 Sabbath_09-07-13_Pastor_Bobby_Mitchell.mp3 Play
2013-09-05 Christ Lives In You Pastor Bobby Mitchell Play
2013-09-04 You Are God's Temple Pastor Bobby Mitchell Play
2013-09-03 Christ's Mind In You Pastor Bobby Mitchell Play
2013-08-30 Daniel 9 Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-08-23 They Didn't Bow, Bend or Burn Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-08-16 Bad Dream Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-08-09 The Making of Wise Men Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-08-02 The Mulligans on Prayer Joyce and Keith Mulligan Play
2013-07-26 Whos Approval Are You Living For? Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-07-05 Communion Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-06-28 Fear Wesley Davis III Play
2013-06-21 The Power of Marriage Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-06-14 Fathers Day Program Sermon by Jordan Sumlin, Lawrence Edwards, Brendan McLaughlin, & Cedric Davis Play
2013-06-07 Dr. Boyce Dulan Address Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2013-06-07 He Saw Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-05-31 Resurrection Pastor Fred Warfield Play
2013-05-31 Divinely Connected Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-05-31 Pastor Mackey Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-05-10 Our Testimonies: God's Delight Pam Holiwell, Desiree Jackson, Brenda Howard, Anna Edwards, Monica Dulan and Pansy Dickerson Play
2013-05-03 Imperative Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-04-26 Courageous Curley Carlisle Play
2013-04-19 Whisleblower or Snitch, Which are You Mark Joseph Play
2013-04-12 Are You Ready? Tony Andrews Play
2013-04-05 The Lion is a Lamb Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-03-29 Easter Celebration Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-03-22 Your Eyes Are On Caanan, But Your Mind Is In Egypt Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-03-15 1000 Years in Jail Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-03-08 Is Heaven Real? Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-03-01 Nehemiah Wesley Davis III Play
2013-02-22 Unshackled & unchained we cannot go back Dr. Colin Ross Play
2013-02-15 Courage Dr. Jon Olango Play
2013-02-08 A Syndrome? Pastor Elliot Osborne Play
2013-02-01 Dreams Pastor Hernandez Play
2013-01-25 2013 Officer Installation Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2013-01-18 Bible Instructors Guild Ezra Mendinghall Play
2013-01-17 BIG Friday Night Program Ezra Mendinghall Play
2013-01-11 Assurance of Salvation Pastor Tony Andrews Play
2013-01-04 Communion Service Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-12-28 Love Wesley Davis III Play
2012-12-21 Video of Choir Play
2012-12-22 Interruptions Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-12-22 Ree Cheadle's Memorial Pastor Kevin Rhamie, Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-12-08 Pastor Stephen Mackey Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-11-30 The Invisible Man Dr. Jon Olango Play
2012-11-23 Thankfulness Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-11-16 Conversations With Jesus Taneshia Kerr Play
2012-11-09 Pastor Mackey Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-11-02 Revived By The Word Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-10-26 Prison Ministry Day Roland Armstrong & Frank Edwards Play
2012-10-20 Worship Part 2 Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-10-12 What the Bible says about Worship Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-10-05 Communion Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-09-28 Be Strong Pastor Roland Banks Play
2012-09-21 Praising God At Inappropriate Times Dr. Colin Ross Play
2012-08-31 He Found It Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-08-24 The Audience Of One Vince Onkoba Play
2012-08-17 Brotherhood: Cain & Abel Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-08-10 Holiness Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-08-03 Fashion Matters Curley Carlisle Play
2012-07-27 Sex, Lies & Second Looks Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-07-06 Communion Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-06-29 Courage Pastor Roland Banks Play
2012-06-15 7 Disciplines of a Godly Man Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-06-08 Music (pt 1) Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-06-01 Dr. Anucha Dr. Anucha Play
2012-05-25 The Restoration of the Disabled Tony Andrew Play
2012-05-18 When Life Doesn't Seem Fair Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-05-04 Stephen Mackey's 1st Sermon Pastor Stephen Mackey Play
2012-04-27 In His Presense Curley Carlisle Play
2012-04-20 Last Words Dr. Jon Olango Play
2012-04-13 In His Service Cynthia Alarcon Play
2012-04-06 Easter Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2012-03-30 Abigail Hananiah Ruff Play
2012-03-23 Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Dr. Colin Ross Play
2012-03-16 This Time Tony Andrews Play
2012-02-24 Stewardship Curley Carlisle Play
2012-02-17 Tony Andrews Tony Andrews Play
2012-02-10 Dr. Boyce Dulan Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2012-02-03 Remember Lot's Wife Martin Martinez Play
2012-01-27 Joseph Jones Joseph Jones Play
2012-01-20 21 Questions Tony Andrews Play
2012-01-06 What Amazing Love Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2011-12-30 End of Year Service Curley Carlisle Play
2011-12-23 Christmas Eve Service Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2011-12-02 Now What? Tony Andrews Play
2011-11-18 Have Thine Own Way Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2011-11-11 On The Brink Barron Savory Play
2011-11-04 The Main Thing Is... Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2011-10-28 Wind Beneath His Wings Curley Carlisle Play
2011-10-21 The Last Great Controversy Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2011-10-14 How to Say Hello Without Saying Goodbye Elder Martin Martinez Play
2011-10-07 Steve Horton Steve Horton Play
2011-09-30 Jesus Washes The Disciples Feet Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2011-09-23 Sheep and Shepherds Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2011-09-09 Peace Be Still Dr. Erylene Piper-Mandy Play
2011-09-02 Evangelism Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2011-08-26 Loved and Empowered Monica Dulan, Camry Grayson & Dr. Lisa Banks Play
2011-08-11 Worship Roger Frazier Play
2011-07-29 Shaken or Sealed Pastor Michael Johnson Play
2011-07-08 Do You Understand What I Have Done For You? Tony Andrews Play
2011-07-01 Loving, Obedient Service Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2011-06-24 Spiritually Therapeutic In A Spiritually Sick World Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-06-17 Father Abraham Dr. Jon Olango Play
2011-06-10 Talents Dr. Jon Olango Play
2011-06-03 Get Out Of The Boat Tony Andrews Play
2011-05-27 Why Do We Pray? Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-05-13 Spiritual House Living Stones Saul Castillo Play
2011-05-06 Work Your Faith Sali Butler Play
2011-04-29 Pathfinder Day Dr. Jon Olango Play
2011-04-22 Hope in Times of Hopelessness and Baby Dedication Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-04-15 The Church Serving to Save Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-04-08 The Church Open and Doing Business Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-04-01 The Ministry Of Reconciliation Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-03-25 A Beautiful Place Corine Morgan Play
2011-03-18 Willing Workers for God's Harvest and Deacon Dedication Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-03-11 There Is Work To Be Done Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-03-01 Stewardship Silvia Flores Play
2011-03-01 Two Of A Kind Michael Johnson Play
2011-02-25 Operation Workforce Expansion Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-02-18 A Living Sacrifice Elder Michael Johnson Play
2011-02-11 The Closers! Michael Johnson Play
2011-02-10 Will You Be Ready? Michael Johnson Play
2011-02-08 Hold On! Elder Michael Johnson Play
2011-02-07 Experience The Power Michael Johnson Play
2011-02-06 The Hitch-Hiker Michael Johnson Play
2011-02-05 It's My Life! Elder Michael Johnson Play
2011-02-04 The Devil's Heaven Michael Johnson Play
2011-01-28 Unity In Diversity Tony Andrews Play
2011-01-20 Have You Received the Gift of the Holy Spirit? Jan Paulsen Play
2011-01-14 The Kings Address Against Stress Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2011-01-07 Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People? Dr. Jerome Crichton Play
2010-12-31 Let The Spirit Lead Pastor Adolphus Garnett Play
2010-12-24 God Did What? Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-12-10 Where Are You Now? Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-12-03 Revival Part 4 Dr. Rupert Bushner Play
2010-12-02 Revival Part 3 Dr. Rupert Bushner Play
2010-12-01 Revival Part 2 Dr. Rupert Bushner Play
2010-11-30 Revival Part 1 Dr. Rupert Bushner Play
2010-11-26 Dr. Olango Dr. Jon Olango Play
2010-11-19 A Message of Hope and Encouragement Roger Frazier Play
2010-11-12 Ye Shall Be Witnesses Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-11-05 The Weapon of Praise Pastor Roland Banks Play
2010-11-06 Praise, Simply Praise Angela Patrick Play
2010-10-23 Why Does The Church Exist? Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-10-15 The Sheep and the Goats Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-10-08 The Purpose Of The Church Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-10-01 What's In A Name Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-09-24 I Am Going Home Curtis Smith Play
2010-09-10 Mexican Independance - Freedom in Christ Javier Yepez Play
2010-09-03 The Gospel Imperative Ricardo Graham Play
2010-08-27 Creation Martin Martinez Play
2010-08-20 God Is Looking For True Worshippers Corine Morgan Play
2010-08-13 Hopeless Despair Dr. Jon Olango Play
2010-08-06 Power To Live The Abundant Life Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-07-30 Delay Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2010-07-16 Why, Why, Why? Dr. Jon Olango Play
2010-07-09 Power to Look Up Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-07-02 Church Standards Etta Mae Cheadle Play
2010-06-25 The Divine Time Tony Andrews Play
2010-06-18 Love and Marriage Dr. Jon Olango Play
2010-06-04 What Are They Saying About The Church? Corine Morgan Play
2010-05-28 Prayer Emphasis Richard Willis Play
2010-05-14 Powerful Promises for New Life Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-04-30 Bridging the Gap to Eternity Curley Carlisle Play
2010-04-24 Have Faith In The Power Of God Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-04-16 Down But Not Out Nikiya Brooks Play
2010-04-09 Faith In Our Spiritual Weapons Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-03-26 What Shall We Do About Mary? Jon Olango Play
2010-03-19 Who Shall Be Able To Stand Pastor Joseph Jones Play
2010-03-12 Financial Stewardship Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-03-05 Health Temperance Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2010-02-26 Sermon Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2010-02-19 Take Care of Business Elder Martin Martinez Play
2010-02-12 Valentines Love vs God's Love Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-02-05 Will the Real Witness Stand Up Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2010-01-29 The Abundant Life Pastor Steve Horton Play
2010-01-22 The Call To The Youth Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2010-01-08 Let Your Light Shine Pastor Eric Flickenger Play
2010-01-01 Joshua Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-12-25 Jesus Loves You Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-12-18 The "Fear Not" Of Christmas Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-12-11 Reclaim What Is Lost Nitiya Brooks Play
2009-12-04 The Early and Latter Rain Dr. Boyce Dulan Play
2009-11-10 Spirit Baptism and the Remnant Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-11-20 Weather The Weather Dr. Jon Olango Play
2009-11-13 The High Price of Cheap Food Dr. Eric Walsh Play
2009-10-30 Prison Ministry Day Pastor Bobby Mitchell Play
2009-10-23 Dont Be A Part Of The World Pt 1 Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-10-23 Dont Be A Part Of The World Pt 2 Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-10-16 Spirit Baptism and The Remnant Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-10-15 What Church Would Jesus Join? Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-10-08 Rapture Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-09-11 Youth Day - Generation Joshua Angela Patrick and Surinder Birdo Play
2009-08-28 Glow Literature Seminar Nelson Ernst Play
2009-08-21 You Are A Winner Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-08-14 Stick to the Plan Fred Warfield Play
2009-08-07 Children's Day Program Ricky Dickerson, Bianca Gardner, Danyiel Johnson, Jaylen Christensen, Jacob Lucas Play
2009-07-31 Power Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-07-10 Ministering With Compassion Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-07-03 Independence or Freedom Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-06-12 What happens when we praise God Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-06-05 God's D-Day Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-05-29 Those Missing Pieces Fred Warfield Play
2009-05-22 Stand Strong As a Soldier Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-05-15 Church Purpose Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-05-08 Mother's Day Program B. Gardner, A. Banks & S. Lee Play
2009-05-01 Victory Javier Yepez Play
2009-04-17 Prayer Makes The Difference Richard Willis Play
2009-04-10 Resurrection Power Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-04-03 The Need For Forgiveness Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-03-27 The Prodigal Son Pastor Saw Kennedy Play
2009-03-20 Men's Day Program Pastor Norris Kemp Play
2009-03-13 From Membership to Discipleship Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-03-06 The Cost of Discipleship Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-02-27 Race, Greed & Sin Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play
2009-02-20 Attitude of Be-Attitude Pastor Kevin Rhamie Play